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Theme: Children's Multicultural Party Invitations
"Just Like Me!"
Children's Invitations celebrate Ethnic Diversity
Personalized Invitations are customized to
match the child's hair, skin, and eye color
and printed for you
Watch your child's eye's light up with glee with "Just Like Me" party invitations and Thank You cards
African American ballerina 
Ballerina Party Invitation
Personalized for the Birthday Girl and printed for you

Blond ballerina
 Choose the hair, eye, and skin color on the Ballerina Party Order Form

African American mermaid
See the Mermaid Invitation page

 Red hair mermaid
  Choose the hair, eye, and skin color

African American Spa Party Invitation
Spa Party Invitation is personalized
for afternoon spa parties or Spa & Slumber Parties

African American girl circus star

Pink poodle party pretend day in Paris
Pink Poodle Party Invitation
for a Pretend Day in Paris
Invitations are personalized for any theme party!
Matching envelopes are included and printed with your return address.
Matching Thank You cards and Note Cards are also available.
Request a new theme!

African American Race Car Party Invitation

paintball party invitation

Rock Climbing Party Invitation 
Rock Climbing Party Invitation
Personalized for boy or girl

African American Magician Invitation
Magic Party Invitation
Personalized for boy or girl

African American princess 
Princess Party Invitation
 Personalized  for Enchanted Kingdom Party or Royal Tea Party

African American Rock Star Diva
Rock Star Party Invitation
 for Kareoke Party, Diva Party or Glamour Gal Party

 More girls party themes and boys party themes are added each week!
Luau Invitation1
Hawaiian Luau Party Invitation

pony ride party invitation
Pony Ride Party Invitation

Ice princess Invitation
Ice Skating Party Invitation
miniature golf invitation
Miniature Golf Invitation
Skateboard party invitation xtreme sports
Skateboard party Invitation

genie princess invitation
Genie Princess Party Invitation

gymnastics party invitation
Gymnastics Party Invitation

Halloween party Invitation haunted house
Halloween Party Invitation
Farm barnyard party invitation
Farm Barnyard Party Invitation
Hippie party Invitation 70s party
Hippie Party
70s Party Invitation


Celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity with party invitations from Parties Outside the Box.  Personalized children's party invitations are designed to look like children from different ethnic backgrounds and encourage pride in all our individual differences. "Just Like Me" invitations can be customized to reflect your child's heritage; Party invitations for African American, Asian, Indian, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, Latin, and more.  

Call 510-794-3436 to suggest a party theme or request a personalized "Just like Me" invitation. 
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Questions? Requests? Call our party invitation artist at Parties Outside the Box: 510-794-3436