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Theme:  Asian Party - Oriental Theme - Sushi Party
 Chinese Dragon Invitations - Chinese New Year Invitations
              Dragon Mugs, Dragon T-shirts
Red Dragon Invitations are personalized and printed for you - any of the words can change
Bring good fortune and prosperity with an Asian theme party.
RED DRAGON INVITATION                                                                                       
Red Dragon Invitation

Red Dragon Invitations are personalized inside.
Choose a red envelope or see-through vellum envelope.

Invitation size (folded):  9" wide x 4" tall
Invitation opens  9" wide x 8" tall

$2.50 per invitation
includes red envelope
printed with return address
$3.00 per invitation includes a "see through" translucent vellum envelope

Include as many words as space allows! Be creative!
Red Dragon Invitation

Invitation opens  9" wide x 8" tall  for party details
Personalize with your Party details
Suggested words:
"Your presence is requested for an Imperial Ball
Where the splendors of Asia will surround us all"


dragon mug
Dragon wraps around mug
Chinese Red Dragon Mug
Chinese tea mug

4" tall  coffee mug
 dishwasher,  microwave safe

Geisha Mugs also available
red dragon t-shirt

Red Dragon T-Shirts
Unisex style fits girls or guys, slightly slimmer than regular T, 100% cotton
$24.00  Sizes S, M, L, XL

Call or email to make sure your size is available:
tel: 510-794-3436 (California)

Geisha Invitation
Host a Japanese dinner party with sushi and sake and plum wine.
Or a Japanese Garden party.

Geisha Invitations are personalized inside. Any of the words can change, include as many words as space allows

Invitation size (folded):  4" wide x 9" tall
Invitation opens  8" wide x 9" tall

$2.50 per invitation
includes matching white envelope
printed with small Asian motif and return address

$3.50 per invitation includes glitter on the Kimono plus a "see through" translucent vellum envelope

Geisha Gift Items:

Asian Party Invitation
Invitation opens  8" wide x 9" tall  for details
Print the Order Form to customize your party information:
Dragon Order Form or Geisha Order Form

Please email, call, or fax our office to place your order:
TEL:  (510) 794-3436   or  FAX:  (510) 794-9429

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