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Theme: Geisha Invitations - Shogatsu - Sushi Party -
Asian Party Invitations - Japanese Party Invitations

Japanese New Year (Shogatsu) is celebrated from January 1 to January 3.
Geisha Invitations are an elegant announcement for your Asian theme party.
Host a Sumo Sushi dinner or Tea Ceremony luncheon.         
GEISHA in Japanese kimono - INVITATION personalized and printed for you, Geisha Mugs
Personalized Invitations for your Asian theme party.
Geisha Invitation

A Japanese Geisha is an elegant artist trained from childhood in all forms of Japanese cultural arts including dance, music, caligraphy, and poetry.

Celebrate Cherry blossom festival time with a Japanese garden party. Or a dinner party party with a Samuraii and sushi theme. Serve saki and plum wine. Geisha Invitations are personalized inside. Include as many words as space allows. Invitations are designed for you and printed on cream color parchment card stock.

Include as many words as you like.

Invitation size (folded):  4" wide x 9" tall
Invitation opens  8" wide x 9" tall

$2.75 per invitation
includes matching white envelope
printed with small Asian motif and return address

$3.25 per invitation includes  a "see through" translucent vellum envelope (not printed)
Geisha Invitation Asian party envelope

Create the ambiance of a Japanese Tea House or Imperial Castle.
Entertain with the elegance of a Geisha as portrayed in "Memoirs of a Geisha".

Suggested words for inside:
"Your presence is requested for an Imperial Ball
Where the Splendors of Asia will surround us all"
Enjoy beautiful, original Geisha art by Adriane Dedic
To Order Email or tel: 510-794-3436 or FAX the order form to 510-794-9429
The Japanese character for gei means "of the arts" and sha means "person". Literally translated, geisha means "a person of the arts".
A geisha has mastered many traditional Japanese arts including nihon-buyoh (Japanese dance often performed with decorative fans or flowing silk scaves) and traditional singing accompanied by a three stringed instrument called the shamisen. She has leaned the tea ceremony, calligraphy, poetry, the art of the kimono, as well etiquette, conversation and social graces so that she can entertain and charm guests with poise, beauty, and clever conversation.
Beautiful Geisha Mugs $12.
Japanese Kimono Art Tiles
Geisha mug
geisha tea cup
japanese kimono art tile
Geisha Tea Cups or Coffee Mugs
Microwave and dishwasher safe
Geisha Marble Art Tiles are scratch, water, heat resistant

Red Dragon Invitations are personalized inside and printed for you

Choose a red envelope or see-through vellum envelope.
Invitation size (folded):  9" wide x 4" tall ,   Invitation opens  9" wide x 8" tall for YOUR  party details

$2.50 per invitation
includes red envelope printed with return address
$3.25 per invitation includes  a "see through" vellum envelope

Personalize the inside of the invitation with YOUR Party details


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