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Boys & Girls Party Invitations customized for your child!
Choose the hair, eye, and skin color to match the child!
Call to see samples of designs not yet on web page

Designs are changed for boys or girls
or can include 2 children "twins

Invitations are designed and printed for you. You see a "proof" to approve before order is printed.
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Children's Personalized Party Invitations
"Just Like Me"
Multicultural designs to match the child's hair, eye. and skin color
African American children's party invitations
Asian children's party invitations
Twins party invitation designs

Watch your child's eye's light up with glee with "Just Like Me" party invitations
Thank You cards & Note cards

African American ballerina invitation
red hair ballerina invitation
ballerina party invitation
ballerina party invitation

Any invitation design can be personalized to match your child's hair, eye, skin color

International childrens party invitations

The words can change

Email or call 510-794-3436 to order and ask questions . . .
Princess Party Invitation
Ballet Party Invitation
Princess Invitation
African American ballerina invitation

Spa Party Invitation
 Poodle Party Invitation
spa party
Pink Poodle Party Invitation

Gymnastic Party Invitation
Gymnastic Party Invitation
African American boy gymnast
African American gymnastics invitation

Circus Party Invitation
Amusement Park Invitation
Circus party
Amusement park Invitation

Ice Skating Party Invitation
Roller Skating Invitation
Ice Skating Invitation
Roller Skating Invitation

Arty Party Invitation
Rock Star Party Invitation
Art and Crafts Party Invitation
Rock Star Party invitation

Unicorn Party Invitation
Enchanted Kingdom Tea Party
Flower Power Party
Hippie Invitation

unicorn party invitation
Hippie Flower Power Party Invitation
Mermaid Party Invitation
Cooking Party Invitation Cupcake Party
Asian Mermaid Invitation
Cooking Party Invitation

Fairy Party Invitation
Genie Princess Invitation
Fairy Party
Genie Princess

Barnyard Party Invitation
for girl or boy
Farm Animals Petting Zoo
Rock Climbing Invitation
for girl or boy

Farm Barnyard Party Invitation
Rock climb invitation

Beach Party Invitation
Luau Invitation
Beach Party Invitation
Luau Invitation

Golf Party Invitation
Magic Party Invitation
Wizard Worlds
golf party invitation
Magic Invitation afican american boy

Skateboard Party Invitation - Extreme Sports Party

Skateboard party invitation Extreme Sports

Paintball Party Invitation
Laser Tag Party Invitation
paintball invitation

Race Car Party Invitation
nascar party invitation

Swim & Pool Party Invitation
Pool Party Invitation

Puppet Show Invitation
Puppet Show Invitation

Jungle & Reptile Party
reptle party invitation

Coming Soon!! Wizards Invitation, Spaceship Invitation, Treasure Hunt Invitation, Pirate Party Invitation, Western Cowgirl & Cowboy, Waterslide Party . . .and More!
Celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity with party invitations from Parties Outside the Box.  Personalized children's party invitations are designed to look like children from different ethnic backgrounds and encourage pride in all our individual differences. "Just Like Me" invitations can be customized to reflect your child's heritage; Party invitations for African American, Asian, Indian, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, Latin, and more.  
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