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Theme: Pink Poodle Party Invitations -
Pretend Day in Paris--& Bonjour! Note Cards
Little girls love pink poodles and they are the perfect companion for a Pink Poodle Party and a Pretend Day in Paris.
Personalized Pink Poodle Party Invitations are designed to look like the birthday girl and match the little girl's hair, eye, and skin color. Matching "Bonjour!" note cards & Thank you cards too! Or choose the Pink Puppy Poodle invitation.

Pink Poodle Party Invitation

Personalized Poodle Party Invitation (front)

Choose the hair color: Brown, Red, Yellow, or Black.

Invitation size: 5.5"x8.5"
$2.50 per invitation
includes personalized envelope

Bonjour! Joyeux Anniversaire!
A pink poodle party is oodles of fun
And you are invited to a special one for
Mademoiselle (Name) (?)  Birthday

La Boutique de Paris opens (date & time) (address)
RSVP by (date) to Madame (Name) (Tel. number)

Pink Poodle Envelope
Personalized Poodle Party Envelope
Each Pink Poodle Party Invitation includes a Pink Poodle envelope personalized with the return address

See the Pink Poodle Party page for lots of fun poodle items and French boutique party items for a Pretend Day in Paris.
Bonjour note card

Pink Poodle Party Invitation

Inside of Pink Poodle Party Invitation

Party details are personalized for each Party.

Joyeux Anniversaire!
Mademoiselle (Name)
(?) Birthday
A pretend day in Paris is waiting for you
with chocolate bon bons, a french manicure, and Pink Poodles too.
How to speak French: (this list can be customized)
Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy Birthday)
Bonjour  (Hello) Merci (Thank you)
Au revoir (Good by)
(Additional personalized information can be added)

pink poodle thank you card

poodle puppy invitation
BONJOUR! Note Cards or Thank You Cards
$2.00 each
4.25"x5.5" front (blank inside) Includes envelopes

Pink Poodle Puppy Invitations
$2.50 each
Includes envelopes

merci card
Fill-in Thank You Cards (postcard style)
Cards are 5.5"x4.25" Include matching envelopes. $1.50 each

Please call or fax our office to place your order:  
    TEL:  (510) 794-3436
  or   FAX:  (510) 794-9429

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